A Walk with Bongi through Alex.

A Walk with Bongi through Alex. began nearly 800 kilometers south of the township with Bongi Dhlomo-Mautloa’s installation in progress at the Grahamstown Festival 2000. The idea emerged of not only showing the visual riches of the township but also documenting a day in its aural life. ⇒

Hi, I’m Rudiger Meyer, a composer interested in the play between traditional concert music and new media. This site, my home on the web, is part documentation, part platform, and part experimental playground. It is also a place for writing – from notes & tweets to more extensive articles.

Modular Diary

A further detail on Schmitt triggers: Reading in the Wikipedia article that “a Schmitt trigger can be converted into a latch and a latch can be converted into a Schmitt trigger” made me realize that the ARC Threshold Logic Neuron could be used as a Schmitt trigger. The ‘single-bit’ configuration allows for the threshold and memory properties to be incorporated in one element, as in some of the analogue circuits, rather than separating them into distinct elements as with a flip-flop or sample and hold.

I put together a little example in Audulus.

Web Things

Branches of concert pieces created for the web:


First experiments in creating versions of concert pieces specially for the web. I’ve collected some of my thoughts on this in a few blog posts.